Local Coffees, Herbal Teas on the Front Burner

Specialty coffees and herbal teas are becoming more popular at traditional supermarkets, reports Supermarket News. Price Chopper and Pyramid Foods have seen a surge in local brands as consumers become more educated and discerning about coffee, while whole bean coffee is more popular as consumers seek out less-processed foods. In addition, shoppers are looking for attributes that signal health in the tea category, like matcha and turmeric, as well as teas that treat a specific condition.

Local roasters are gaining cult-like followings that expand regionally. “We realized [Death Wish Coffee] had a rabid local following, which grew to become regional, and then of course they had their commercial on the Super Bowl, and they became more of a national company,” said Mona Golub, VP of public relations and consumer services at Price Chopper, which recently began carrying Death Wish Coffee. “It’s been exciting to see what they have done,” according to the reportFull Story

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